Matmos’ conceptual thought process, performance capabilities and level of intelligence are clearly above my pay grade

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2012/11/16 by Mr. DNA

Over the weekend (on Friday to be precise), I had the pleasure of taking in a performance by Matmos as part of Calgary’s Soundasaurus Festival.

Needless to say, my mind was sufficiently blown.

Very Large Green TrianglesMatmos performing “Very Large Green Triangles” with local Experimental Poet Christian Bök

I had seen Matmos one time before (I believe it was Pitchfork Music Festival, 2006), but it was in a whirlwind of other performances over that weekend that the details remained fuzzy. I did remember that Matmos was in some sort of a side tent, I arrived late and it was packed. I remember loving every minute of it, but would be hard pressed to identified what they actually played.

It was a much better experience to see/hear them in a much more controlled environment. The sound was very good, not too loud, and they had visuals to go along with their performance (much of it they create themselves … multi-talented).

The performance and the pieces were incredible. Every piece was a microcosm of layers and sounds.

Probably the most exhilarating point in the evening though, was the Q&A afterwards.
And this is where I myself felt distinctively inadequate.

“The bridge to whatever!”

Matmos takes their craft very seriously while at the same time (thankfully), not too seriously.
The amount of research, effort and pursuit they put into a project is astounding. They seem to come up with a concept, pursue experts in whatever field their concept falls, and record sounds related to the concept that can later be developed into actual pieces of listenable and approachable music.
While this has always baffled me about this duo, hearing them speak about their creative processes and the concepts that interest them brought my appreciation to a whole new level.


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